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Tunespray CCE Enterprise Vs CCE Lite Feature Comparison
Feature Comparison
Support for Classes I to Xth CCE
CBSE compliant CCE based assessment for the complete School, from Class 1 to Class
Multi-User and Role-Based
Customized Role-based access for individual teachers
Online or Off-line Submission of Marks/Grades
Toggle between online & manual submission of data for complete flexibility of operation with/without internet
Promotions, Up-Scaling & Improvement
Handle all aspects of the CCE Life-Cycle of a student
Comprehensive Reporting & Statistics
Generate CCE report cards after each FA or SA assessment and detailed consolidated report in Excel for any section or class
Integrated Data Back-up Option
Back up your Scholastic and Co-Scholastic data in excel files, at the press of a button. No dependency on vendor for back-up
Dedicated Support Portal & Free Updates
Choose between our Free Basic Support or Premium Support & get free updates and access to our dedicated support portal
Free Basic Support + Updates Premium Support is Fee Based Free Basic Support + Updates Premium Support is Fee Based
Configure Co-Scholastic categories & indicators
Dedicated configuration panel to define and customize co-scholastic categories, sub categories and indicators
Support for only CBSE defined indicators
Support for Sub-Assessments in FA
Define multiple sub-assessments for any Formative subject
Marks Entry only at an FA level
Define & Customize your Report Cards
Define any number of report cards based on paper size, format , display options and signature picker
Support for Pre-Defined CBSE approved Report cards, No customization
Grading Calendar
Define explicit time intervals when teachers can submit their assessments and lock-out periods
Not Supported
CBSE "One-Click" Data Upload
Automatically generates the correct files for CBSE final year data submission for 1-Click Upload to CBSE site
(optional add-on) (optional add-on)
Parents Portal for e-Report Cards
View report cards securely & electronically, straight from your school website
(optional add-on) (optional add-on)


CCE Grading System

The CBSE CCE scheme has thrown up a lot of challenges towards CCE grading & evaluation of student's performance. Some of the key questions that key school stakeholders are asking -

  1. How will the CCE Grading System be effectively deployed in the classroom?
  2. What is the CCE Software that is best equipped to address my CBSE grading scheme?
  3. What is the CCE pattern that is most effectively mapped in a CCE software?

  1. How will I ensure that adequate information is captured to prepare CBSE CCE Report Cards?
  2. Will the new scheme of CCE in CBSE lead to improved student performance?