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TuneSpray CCE Grading Solution is the best to meet your school’s requirements.

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The Best CBSE Schools use TuneSpray CCE
Our solution has been implemented across multiple cities India, in well known school groups such as DAV, DPS, Army Public School, Carmel Convent, Springdale's, KVS etc. Come join the family, if you haven't.

100% configurable solution & flexible Set-up
Our simple & user-friendly set-up allows you to define and customize all aspects of the CCE up solution. For example, you can change, edit and add your own Scholastic & Co-Scholastic categories, define your own descriptive indicators and grading scale, thus eliminating the dependency on external vendors for changes. You are 100% in control.

Separate roles for teacher and principals for enhanced security and control
Our solution is role-based and hierarchical, where certain functions are only accessible to the Principal/ administrator. For example, a principal can create roles for the different teachers, where as a teacher is only able to assess assessment areas under her supervision and that too you can restrict by time.

Comprehensive Reporting: Interim & cumulative report cards and assessment based reporting
Our solution not only allows you to choose between different types of formative, interim and cumulative reports as suggested by CBSE, but you can also choose between different page set set-up options (A4 or A3). Schools can also generate reports after each FA or SA assessment The best assessment. part is you choose which report card you want to generate.

CCE support for all Classes ( I to X)
Our solution can be easily set up to do CCE based assessment for the complete School, from Class 1 to Class 10th, without any changes to the Software.

Manage multiple Sub-FA assessments
Our solution gives you the flexibility to configure and allow grading at a sub-FA assessment level, for maximum flexibility.

Dedicated module for student promotion
Our solution can handle improvement exams, promotions and demotions of students between academic sessions, based on manual and dynamic criteria.

User friendly interface reduces effort by 80%
Our Solution has been designed keeping teachers in mind. Its non-technical and intuitive user technical user- interface helps reduce effort by 80%.

We are happy with the experience. We were able to generate report cards for seven sections within half a day.

Ms. Sridevi, Principal,
BBUL Jain Vidyalaya, Bangalore

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Worried about the new CCE grading?

The CBSE CCE scheme has thrown up a lot of challenges towards managing changes to existing school processes while ensuring that the evaluators are appropriately informed to adjust to the new assessment mechanism. Some of the key questions that key school stakeholders are asking

  1. How will a single teacher assess all the students meaningfully and objectively in a given time frame particularly in co - scholastic areas?
  2. How will parity of standards be maintained among CBSE affiliated schools in urban and rural areas?
  3. How will I be continually informed of my childÂ’s performance and progress in studies?

  1. How will I ensure that adequate infrastructure is available to prepare CCE report cards?
  2. Will the new scheme involve a lot of clerical work documentin studentsÂ’ performances systematically?